Getting to Know Me

I’m sure some of you would like to know Lanaia Lee a little better. Read the poem below and you will learn quite a bit.  You can also visit her website where you can purchaser her terrific book, Of Atlantis:

I Still Feel

Everywhere I go, I hear them as they always call to me
Never letting me forget, that once upon a time they were literally a part of me
In the back of my mind they are always there, calling out to me, saying,”Mommie”
Always in my mind, me always hearing their heart felt pleas.
Six children, that escaped the hardships of life, escaping sadly, by the hand of death
I wanted each one of them, now all I have are my aching arms, and a breaking heart
All were tragically taken, they never even got to take their very first breath
My babies, that await me on high, they never had a chance, from the very start.
My children, my off spring, they still call to me because I, was mommy
There were never any diapers to change, I never had to get up in the middle of the night
Why oh why, did it have to be this way? Surely, this isn’t the way it was meat to be
If they were here today, I would just hold on to them very tight.
Some women make me so sick, able to have healthy children, and the way they treat them, it has to be a sin
They no more want their children, than they do a dreaded disease
If they only knew  what it was like to be without their children, as they constantly lounge in heartache’s den
But mommies like me so badly want their children, we would swallow our pride and say please
Six children, I always wonder, what it would have been like or what would they have grown up to be
Three boys and three girls, they were real even if they made it, for awhile to be inside of me
They had a spirit, one some day, I hope will be with me
By my side, I will get to know them, from them, I would never flee
High blood pressure, the silent killer, wasn’t pleased by doing just this to me
I had a stroke, taking my ability to walk away from me, confining me to a chair with wheels
But he hasn’t won, he didn’t break my spirit, just making me stronger, something he didn’t have planned, something he didn’t plan on or see
He took my babies, he too my ability to walk, but by just making me stronger, he didn’t win in any way, because I’m not destroyed and I still live, I still feel.

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