Look What I Found

I have been writing for about five years now, posting and commenting, in various on line forums. Very seldom does a writer discover another writer, thinking wow, they write as good as I do. And what makes it uncanny, the person you find is only seventeen. In saying that, I would like to proudly introduce Allysun Saunders, a seventeen year old prodigy, whose science fiction series called EKTA, will make it’s debut later this fall, introducing Ally

It seems funny to think about the reason why I love to write. Funny mostly because I have no idea. Words cannot describe, ironically enough, why I love it. It’s just something I’ve done since I was very young, and I’ve kept with it my whole life. Weird, but so true.
            I was about two months old when my parents, who both worked full-time jobs, sent me to daycare. I was constantly surrounded by older children, and spent my young childhood with them. My mom would read me stories all the time, and I would chew on them. Literally, I would bite the corners of the books. She would buy me little cardboard books, and I couldn’t get enough of them.
            At daycare the older kids would do their homework. One of the children always needed help with reading, and while our babysitter helped him I would sit in the room and listen. It was always my favorite part of the day, besides when my mom would pick me up, and I would sit in the chair and listen very silently to their words.
            But after awhile, I began thinking up my own stories. I’d tell the other children my stories, and at the age of four I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a story teller. When I turned six I entered first grade, and my teacher would have a writing workshop thing once a month. It was my favorite thing to do! I loved to sit down and come up with a story. It was like my own escape from the world; an amazing vacation that I would come up with myself.
            Not only that, but I was good at it. My teacher loved my stories, and told all my future teachers at that school about my imagination. Whenever I came up with a story, they’d have me share it with the class. I felt so smart and special. No one else could do what I could… at least not that I knew of. Everyone was always so impressed. I wanted to keep going.
            When I moved to Idaho I continued with it. Notebook after notebook was filled with diary entries or story ideas. Every now and then I’d work on a poem, but stories were always my thing. Plays that my friends would perform, songs I would sing to myself, and stories I’d read to my niece. It was something that would never end!
            I was thirteen or fourteen when I came up with my series, and spent hours and hours working on it. My first book was finished when I was sixteen, and my second at seventeen. It’s such an amazing accomplishment when I finish one, and always so exciting when I start one.
            So, I guess I like to write because I have good memories writing. It’s something I’ve always felt I was good at… something I didn’t even have to learn. I love to write because… it’s somehow apart of who I am, and I could never give it up.






One Response to “Look What I Found”

  1. Shani Says:

    Whoa.. I wish I had her gift. I’ve been told I’m a good writer, with essays, but I’ve never written a whole book or anything of the sort. No one ever taught me, but I try and I enjoy it a lot! So props to her for following her bliss!

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