Lanaia Interviews Jo Linsdell, Promoter of Writers and Authors

Jo Linsdell is a big promoter of authors and hosts many on their virtual book tours at Writers and Authors, her blog.

Writers and Authors is a place for people in the writing industry to gather and share experiences, tips and advice, not to mention promote their latest work and discuss various topics related to the writing industry. Included in this blog you will also find; links to sites for writers, competitions and contests, interviews, writer and book event listings and more…

Here is a little more about Jo – enjoy!
Jo Linsdell:  the person:

What three words do you think describe you as a human being?
ambitious, dreamer, creative

How do you think others would describe you?
You’d have to ask them. Hopefully in a nice way though

Please tell us what you are most passionate about outside of writing. My husband and baby son. They are my world. My son is 9 ½ months old now and is growing so quickly I make sure I get the most out of everything we do together.

Do you have any pets? If so, introduce us to them.
I have a dog called Bea. She’s 4 years old and I’ve had her since she was 45 days old. She’s definitely part of the family.
What is your most precious memory?
The first time I held my son in my arms. I’d had a difficult pregnancy where I was basically on bed rest for the whole 8 months. I was even recovered in hospital a few times so it was an amazing feeling to finally be able to hold him and see that he was healthy and happy.

If you weren’t a writer and book promoter, what would you be doing with your life? I’ve done a variety of jobs over the years including to name a few; waitress, tour guide, receptionist, credit controller, English teacher, cashier, shop assistant and secretary.  I believe in taking opportunities as they arise and making the most of them, so it’s hard to say what I’d be. It could literally be anything. I don’t give myself limits.the writer:

Can you describe the time you realized you were indeed a “real” writer?
It would have to be when my first article was published. It was the first article I’d ever sent and they accepted it straight away exactly as it was written. I couldn’t believe it. It was published in a newspaper in Florence called The Florentine. I’d worked as a writer in the past connected with the dental industry and then for a few years in the Neurology department of the hospital here in Rome but it was seeing my own name printed on something I’d written that made me realize I could make it work as a career writing about what I was really interested in.

What is going on with your writing these days?
I’m currently working on a rewrite of my book ‘Italian for Tourists’ which is being made into a pocket version and also working on an ebook series ‘The Italian Home Study Series’. With a small baby to deal with I don’t get as much time as I’d like to work on my project but being a mum is my priority and I love doing that too.

What are your future goals for your writing?
I’ve worked on other peoples guides to Rome in the past (most recently the Weissman Guide to Rome in 2006) and I’d really like to do my own one day and publish it with one of the big publishing houses. Obviously it’ll become a best seller J


the details:


Can you tell us where to find more information on you? Website? Blog?
I have several websites:

Is there a place where readers can reach you?
I’m available via email.
Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?
Italian for Tourists and A Guide to weddings in Italy are both available in print and ebook from

I also have several other ebooks; Il Dolce Natale: Christmas traditions in Italy, La Befana, The Patron Saint of Lovers, Inside-Out and Some risks are worth taking.

20. For new readers-what can they expect when they read your book(s)?

In conclusion:


Jo Linsdell

Creator and Manager

Writers and Authors





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