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Book Review by Amanda Kilgore – Of Atlantis

October 4, 2008

Of Atlantis – Lanaia Lee
Review by Amanda Kilgore
Roval Publishing and Digital Services
ISBN 0615207685
Epic historical fantasy

Archimedes loves his royal father, even though the older man carries as much or more fear of his son than any he might have when going into one of the many battles the King of Atlantis faces. Rather than the halcyon, highly advanced civilization many authors have portrayed the lost kingdom to be, this Atlantis is much like Greece or Rome, albeit a touch more magical.Treachery, violence, forbidden love, religion, and politics make up the complex web that forms its society until the day the waves sweep it into being nothing more than a legend. Yet, it is not the end, for its last royal, Archimedes will live on through the ages. This is his story.

In great detail, the author brings life in this imaginary society to such life that you can believe it truly existed. Archimedes moves from boyhood into being a fascinating man with a rich history that readers will look forward to discovering in the books yet to come. One particularly wonderful aspect of this novel is the beautiful poetry that highlights it. That feature alone will make bibliophiles want to buy a second copy, the audio form, to be able to hear the music of the words as well as reading them.


Betty Jo Tucker Loves Lanaia Lee’s, Book Of Atlantis

September 12, 2008

Betty Jo Tucker, renowned movie critic, had rave reviews for Of Atlantis!  She calls it “Page to Screen Material.”  Read her article here:

For Film Consideration
By Betty Jo Tucker
Film Critic and Autbor

Into her bubbling cauldron of creativity, author Lanaia Lee decided to toss such tempting ingredients as fantasy, magic, romance, betrayal, revenge, and the eternal battle of good vs. evil. The result? Of Atlantis, a novel that’s very hard to put down once you start reading it.

Because I’m a confirmed movie addict, I always read a book with the question of how successful the story might be as a film in the back of my mind. And this one practically screams out “destined to be a movie” -– or a television mini-series. The longstanding struggle between its great hero, King Archimedes of Atlantis, and the equally powerful villain, Uric, generates more than enough suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Enhancing the plot are other colorful characters including:

   ⋆ Cheris — a beautiful Queen who suffers through a loveless marriage to an abusive monarch.

   ⋆ Percius — Cheris’ champion, a man dedicated to protecting the Queen and her son

   ⋆ Janus — a two-faced traitor who can’t wait to send Persius to his doom.

Bloody battle scenes also add to the excitement of this imaginative fantasy epic, as do the exotic settings which form the backdrop for its thrilling action. 

Unfortunately, Hollywood usually takes a long time to make up its mind about which films to greenlight, so I hope you’ll buy Of Atlantis in its current book form. If you follow my advice, you’re in for a memorable journey back to the lost continent of Atlantis — plus a few more recent surprises.  

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