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October 21, 2008


October 18, 2008- Pepperell, MA – Local author, Rosemary Chaulk whose book, Nissitissit Witch, has taken the area by storm, has been invited to read portions of her book and answer questions posed by severely disabled children at the Seven Hills Pediatric Center in Groton, MA.
“I was deeply moved when I saw the twisted bodies of these little children and the kind and loving care administered by the staff, “ said Chaulk.  “It’s just terrible that the State is considering cutting funding for such essential services.”
Chaulk will spend time with the children on Monday, October 20, at 10am and revisit the center again on October 22 at 10am to read and visit with both the disabled adults and children.
The center is located at:
Seven Hills Pediatric Center
22 Hillside Ave
Groton, MA 01450
(978) 448-3388 X 280
(978) 448-2329 Fax
Carol Gates, Administrator
Nissitissit Witch has been roundly received as the book focuses on the legendary witch of North Village and the strange deaths that shrouded the area in the early days of the industrial age.  Book is available at


Rosemary Chaulk’s Book Breaking Sales Records!

October 10, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk better quit her day job to keep up with the demand for her book, Nissitissit Witch. The book revolves around a small NE village in the early industrial age where folks are dying strange deaths and Indian Tribes have disappeared.  Is the witch killing them or is it something else?  Rosemary is keeping busy with public appearances, book signings and watching all those books go out the door! Good job, Rosemary.